Jacks or Better Game King

The game of poker is one of the most widely played in the world - but this version offers bigger payouts than ever before, so hit PLAY now!


This video poker system might look basic, but this is actually an asset to
players as it makes it super easy to use. This is a tried and tested game that
will be sure to delight those familiar with poker as well as those who are new
to the game. The bright graphics and simple gameplay make this a wonderful way
to dive into the world of casino games and make a splash. Of course, poker is
one of the most exciting games out there too so you can feel the adrenaline
rushing when you play this game. The stakes don't always have to be high
though, as you can place your bet for a lower amount if you choose to.

How to play

Poker isn't a hard game to understand - it's all about matching up cards to
make the highest wins. This means that you want to beat two jacks to win,
hence the name of Jacks or Better. This is a specific type of poker that can
be played around the world and now has come to online casinos.

The game starts as soon as you press DEAL, which will also lock your bet into
place for the duration of that round. This will deal you 5 cards and then you
will be able to manually or automatically select the best ones. After that,
press draw to get more of these cards to take the place of ones of ones that
you have chosen to discard.

This is the final hand that you will have and the value will then be totalled
to give you a payout. If it's deemed to be better than a pair of jacks then
you'll be onto a winner. The size of the payout that you receive will
correlate to the wager that you placed on the game and the cards that you have
won with.

Return to player

This game has a theoretical RTP of 99.54% which means for every £100 wagered
it will pay out £99.54.

When the fun stops, stop