Crossword Cash

This game is perfect for all you crossword lovers out there - and it couldn't be easier to play! Complete as many words as you can to win. The more words you manage to complete, the more you win - good luck!


Fancy yourself as a bit of a wordsmith? Test your skills in this super fun
game by matching your 18 letters to the ones in the grid and create words to
create wins!

How to play

Set your bet by hitting Confirm Bet and use your (+) and (-) buttons to
adjust. When you're happy, click ‘Play' and you're free to start checking out
your letters! Click the 18 YOUR LETTER tiles to reveal your letters, and each
of these will fill the corresponding letters on the crossword grid. Once you
have completed your star-studded words, they will be highlighted on the grid.
You need to complete 3 or more words to win one of the exciting prizes in the
PRIZE TABLE. When your crossword fun is finished, you can play again with the
same bet amount by clicking ‘Play,' or you can adjust your bet for the new
game by hitting ‘Change Bet'. Get your thinking cap on and reach for those

Return to player

The game has a theoretical RTP of 88.62% which means for every £100 wagered it
will pay out £88.62.

When the fun stops, stop