Slingo Showdown

Hang your hat low and channel your inner Cowboy as you show off your talents in this pistol shooting, Slingo loving extravanganza! The perfect mix of slots and bingo to get you some star-studded wins!


Slot like never before and shoot down as many Slingos as you can! The more
Slingos you get, the whigher the multiplier, shoot away and you could get a
multiplier up to x30! Match your cards well and see what sets you will reveal.
Each set is equal to a certain amount of cash, which is then multiplied by the
multiplier you receive. Jokers pop up to let you choose which card to shoot
down next and get you to the next winning level. It's all about to go down in
this Showdown, get your pistol ready for action!

How to play

First things first, set your stake by using the (-) and (+) buttons in the
bottom left corner of your screen. All set? Get ready to hit START - and your
Wild West journey begins! As your cards are dealt, any matching suits or
numbers are marked off on your grid. Get a whole line marked off for a slingo
and one hell of a multiplier will be awarded! You'll have 9 deals to mark off
as many cards as possible - so play right and you'll be a big winner in no
time! If you manage to hit a poker hand during your deal, you'll receive a
cash payout, detailed in a list on the right-hand side of your screen.

Return to player

This game has a theoretical RTP of 95.40% which means for every £100 wagered
it will pay out £95.40. Based on best strategy each extra deal has a
theoretical RTP of 95.9%

You can buy UNLIMITED extra spins at the end of your game for another shot at the jackpot! For more information on how the extra spins feature works, head to in-game help.

When the fun stops, stop