Lost Island

A sacred island, which no one dares to visit, is your destination for this unique adventure. Set out on a quest for lost treasures when you visit the Lost Island - where all your fantasies will turn to realities.


Lost Island is a slot game that will send you to the beach for a relaxing
time, but there are many jackpots here to spice it up. There are stones to be
unturned and mysteries to be unravelled and only a selected few have what it
takes to complete this conquest. Do you?

How to play

Spin the reels to land symbols across the 5 reels in the game and the symbols
must line up, as matching symbols, on a payline to win a prize. Throughout the
reels of the Lost Island slot, there are 25 paylines, which means there are 25
ways to win and the prizes and treasures you find will depend on the amount
you are wagering per spin.

Return to player

The game has a theoretical RTP of 95.06% which means for every £100 wagered it
will pay out £95.06.

When the fun stops, stop