Stinkin' Rich

Looking to get your hands on a Stinkin' Rich fortune? Look no further than this IGT slot game, where you can mix it with the rich and powerful!


The Stinkin' Rich game is based on a group of high society people who have
money to burn, as well as a group of skunks - hence the Stinkin' part of the
title. Players will be able to find a fortune of their own on the reels and
there will be the chance to join the group of rich and wealthy in the game.
This is very bright and vibrant game with the sound effects to match.

How to play

In the real world, sometimes it is very difficult to strike it rich as a lot
of hard work and dedication is needed, but this game allows you to skip that
part and simply spin the reels to earn a Stinkin' Rich lifestyle. This game
will be the perfect platform for players looking to live the life the people
on the reels do and it couldn't any simpler - all you have to do is spin the 5
reels and look to land the most valuable symbols on adjacent reels.

The winning combination of symbols must be matching and also, must line up
against 1 of the 100 paylines. The size of winnings will depend upon what sort
of wagers players are playing with, although there are also some very classy
bonus features that will help you earn magical fortunes faster. There is even
a wild symbol - which will substitute for all other symbols, except the
scatter - appearing on the reels.

Return to player

This game has a theoretical RTP of 94.03% which means for every £100 wagered
it will pay out £94.03.

When the fun stops, stop