Venture through the enchanted forest alongside Poa and the woodland creatures. There is plenty of magical bonuses and a golden handful of Free Spins to keep your wins satisfied


The forest features 20 paylines for you to climb trees and discover the hidden
treasures locked away. The Mystery Picker will appear and decide your fate,
will you get more multipliers or enter more bonus rounds? There's 5 bonus
rounds for your wins to get golden in! Get tangled up in the vines as the
reels re-spin or watch Poa climb the money tree, the higher Poa gets the
richer the wins!

How to play

Set your Bet amount using the options provided, then get ready to start your
magical journey! Hit SPIN and Poa will appear at your side along with the
woodland friends. As they lead the way towards your biggest wins yet, look out
for the amazing bonus rounds that'll make those wins turn to gold:


On any base game win that doesn't trigger a Bonus, the Mystery Picker will
appear, rewarding either:

  • Wispy Wilds: up to 4 Wild symbols can appear on each reel
  • Magic Multipliers: 3 or 4 multipliers appear between reels. They can be: 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x or 10x.
  • The Bonus Climb (explained later)


Any base game spin that doesn't trigger a bonus or mystery picker, winning
combinations are locked in position and trigger a re-spin of non-winning
symbols. Any new wins will lock into place and re-spins will continue until
there is no more.


This can be triggered 3 ways: in the mystery picker, finding 3 bonus symbols
on reels 1, 3 and 5 or 2 bonus symbols anywhere which makes Poa kick the reels
creating a third bonus symbol (good old Poa). You then spin the wheel to see
how high Poa will climb up the tree, the higher he climbs the bigger the
bonuses! Keep spinning until the wheel lands on a tick mark or Poa reaches the
top of the tree, (leading to other bonuses). If Poa only reaches brands 0-2
you'll win 10x your total bet!


During 7 Free Spins, any wilds on the reels that are not a part of a win will
be locked into place and the reels will spin until the wilds are within a win.


You'll start off with 5 Free Spins, each Wisp symbol on the reels fills in the
next accumulator circle. Fill 3 circles and the next animal symbol will turn
wild on all reels for the remaining Free Spins and give 5 additional Free
Spins. When all 3 animals are wild, the 4th accumulator gives another 5 Free


Pick to reveal a very special expanding symbol! During the 8 Free Spins, when
the expanding symbol appears it expands to vertically fill the reels and
horizontally to fill every reel between expanding symbols.

Return to player

This game has a theoretical RTP of 92.57%-94.30%, which means for every £100
staked, the expected return would be £92.57-£94.30.

When the fun stops, stop